VUUM™ LLC is based in New York City and additional locations include Houston, Texas. It is led by a team of women who have been founders and developers for successful start-ups and in key executive roles in major communications and technology companies in engineering and business development in the US and other locations in the world. 

VUUM™ LLC develops hardware, software and network solutions for low cost, open source, wireless broadband access that expands and enhances connectivity at low frequencies (400 MHz to 5 GHz) for the last mile, and high frequencies (60 to 90 GHz) for mid-mile backhaul. This includes development and deployment for the spectrum allocated for the Community Broadband Radio Service (CBRS).VUUM’s customer premise equipment (CPE) is a universal wireless broadband product that can affordably connect the 4 billion people that are currently without access to the Internet.

VUUM™ LLC is in development for a state of the art technology for a product and system that will aid in the prevention and detection of COVID-19 transmission for healthcare workers, first responders, and patients.